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Name:Kevin Smith
Birthdate:Nov 2
Name: Kevin Smith
Age: 15 [16 on 2 Nov]
School year: 1st HS
House (and rationale): Sakura — While he does possess talent and potential, Kevin also relies on perseverance and diligence to perform well. He tends to be arrogant but he makes sure he has basis for his bragging. He doesn't stop until he’s satisfied with the results, often leaving him studying in secret. He can be very critical of other people, but he is even more to himself so much so that when things don't go the way he wants them to, he gets really frustrated at himself (others normally receive second hand angst).

Familiar: Mottled owl named Blink that the Smiths took in when Kevin was thirteen. Their relationship is like that of siblings. They normally annoy the heck out of each other (Kevin changing the colour of her plumage, and her nibbling at his ears and fingers when he's busy with homework) but Blink can be fiercely protective of Kevin. She understands English; her Japanese is as good (or bad) as Kevin's.


Wand: Unyielding 11-inch Black Walnut (@ HPWikia)

207 x 29 photo KevinsWand207x29_zps7db5a0d1.png


Kevin comes from a pureblood father and a muggleborn mother. His father used to play as Chaser for the Salem Spartans however ever since he cost them the chance to compete in the world championships some years ago, he lost face in the Wizarding world, withdrew from the community’s attention, and forbade Kevin to have anything to do with Quidditch, and by extension magic. Kevin’s mother (an appraiser for a magical artefacts store), however, taught him magic in secret, usually when the head of the house was passed out from drinking.

Although Kevin went to a muggle middle school, there were a handful of students who also came from families with some magical blood that for some reason couldn't go to wizarding schools. Even though he preferred to work alone, Kevin eventually joined their study group after several talks / arguments that his mother won. They took turns at hosting the study sessions. When it's Kevin's time to host, they practised at the Smiths’ backyard, Kevin’s mother supervising while doing chores. Also, during summer holidays, Kevin and his friends were sent to a summer camp, which was actually a Quidditch camp.

Eventually, Kevin’s father got out of his drinking problem but the past still haunts him sometimes; people still remember him as the man who caused the worst loss the Spartans has had in the last century, so it took a while before he could find a decent job (an instructor at the same Quidditch camp Kevin used to go to) but he seems to have recovered enough that he has allowed Kevin to go to a magical school.

He will join Tohoku as a new exchange student. He is quite adept in wind- and fire-based spells and he tends to learn charms easily, but he fails rather miserably needs to work on his transfiguration skills, to Blink’s woe as she generally is at the receiving end of the failed spells.
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